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About the dance

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Tango is the most glamorous latin dance and has earned its fame for being aggressive and erotic. It is a sexy, unrestricted, and predatory dance of sensual exchange. This dance can only be learned from the heart and with style and sensuality.

Tango can be a little more difficult to learn than many of the other latin dances but it's ultimately an interperative dance so it offers a great deal of freedom once you aquire the basic skills.

Friday, June 22nd

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Adam Hoopengardner will be teaching the Friday night group lesson on June 22nd at 7:30-8:15p. He will be focusing on Elegant Turns. He will also be sticking around for the Casual Milonga afterwards. Lesson and Milonga is $10. Groupons are not valid for this event.

Group Lessons Cancelled
June 8th & June 15th